Dominic Scott Riccitello (born February 17) is an American internet personality and blogger. He's ironically known for no one knowing who he is or what he actually does.[2][3][4][5][6] Dominic grew up in Chandler, Arizona, attending Corona Del Sol High School in Tempe. At the age of 18, Dominic moved to Los Angeles, California. He's an obvious fan of crude, strange, and weird behavior, also showing signs of a non-acceptance for social norms, as well as an extreme gift in sarcasm.[7] In 2006, Dominic began his start on MySpace[8] using names such as George Clooney, Pamela Anderson, and various other celebrities. He began gaining internet "stardom" quite rapidly after approaching 40,000 friends in a matter of months. People were intrigued by Dominic's anonymity on MySpace, as well as his controversial series of photos (which were removed by MySpace admins due to gore).[9] In 2008, Dominic revealed his name to be Dominic Riccitello. After MySpace had died down, Dominic moved over to Twitter[10] in 2009 and began using the name Dominic Scott. Today, Dominic has roughly 250,000 Twitter followers,[11] gaining thousands every month.

To this day, Riccitello states that he works in the entertainment industry, but has yet to reveal his actual occupation (although it's said to be a screenwriter).[12][13][14][15] Dominic has said via Twitter that his IMDb is under a different name. He has also made hints via Twitter about various upcoming projects,[16] which were deleted hours later. Due to his extreme anonymity on the internet, he refuses to reveal his age.[17][18][19]

It's also said that Dominic might be a photographer[20][21] or an actor[22][23], or even a model.[24][25][26]

Dominic Scott Riccitello on Twitter


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