Djane Nadine is a blissful dash of colour in the night life. Effeminacy, gracefulness, a charming face and professionalism can describe the strikingly beautiful female disc jockey, who has been rocking electric music professionally for three years now, focusing on house and commercial genre.


After several promotional performances, in the beginning of 2011 she had the opportunity to start her own globetrotting party series called Djane Nadine In The World, so that she could spin her record in many places (Mexico, Slovenia, India, Malta, Switzerland, Dubai, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Morocco and Hungary) in full-house parties. For the most memorable gigs of the In The World Tour report videos are usually made, which can be followed on the official website.

The events have constantly speeded up around Nadine, who has become the official face of several serious managements and booking agencies. The Slovenian FHM magazine took notice of her beauty and signed her on the cover page of magazine’s the 100th edition, what was a great honor and by photo series she complied this request.

Although a jewelry manufacturing company also asked her to be the face of their product and represent the brand in the world, Nadine continues to prevail in the music industry, and with her professional success she would like to draw attention to her professional work and the parti culture, as she is not only a DJ, but also functions as a producer. This can be demonstrated by the remixes and bootlegs she has made so far, as well as her first own club hit coming in mid-June, which goes together with a video clip. The music is the rework of a very popular, and unreleased song .

In 2012 three further songs will be released, including a joint work with an American co-producer. In addition, because of the regular European, American and Asian tours and performance, summer has a lot of work in store for Nadine, who will remain a hopeful and cheerful dash of colour in the music scene.

Nadine's history

Djane Nadine meaning hope is a vivid, fresh new face in the entertainment industry. The striking Hungarian girl, who is full of hopes, can be described as a feminine, pretty, charming-faced and professional Djane. Behind the turntables she rocks the electric music focusing on house. Music has been playing an essential role in her life since her childhood. With her partner, who is a well-known dj and promoter in the music industry, she took part innumerous festivals and events, appeared in several clubs on the backstage observing the sets of the best international and Hungarian djs. Once she discovered two pieces of Pioneer CDJ1000’s and Pioneer DJM-600 of her partner in their study that gave the sudden artistic inspiration for her work. At the beginning she was too shy to play in front of an audience, so she practised on them alone in secret. From that moment she looked on all the djs differently: she was peeping them trying to gain all the knowledge. At the end she decided to study hard and seriously to step on the long way of the dj’s life. She had a very good base and she got all the instructions from first hand. She isn’t satisfied with the presentation of the tracks only. She constantly develops her technical knowledge and she is thinking about being a producer in the future as well. Her favourite sequencer is Ableton live which is a music editor software used by many people. Today she is a new shining point of the house style, who moves on the stage as a dj from instinct. Whenever Nadine stands behind the turntables, she is bewitching the public with her glamorous look, creates frantic atmosphere in the clubs providing an unforgettable memory.


  • CD players: Two Pioneer CDJ1000’s or CDJ2000’s.
  • MIXER: Pioneer DJM-600 or Pioneer DJM-800.
  • VISUALS: (when screens available): DVD player to play artist’s visuals.
  • Two high quality monitor cabinets with separate amplifier and adjustable volume. Monitor speaker on the RIGHT hand side behind the mixer.

Famous Podcasts

  • Festival pleasure mix 01
  • Party pleasure mix 1

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