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dj mr.lucky


mr.lucky born in Naples,italy in 1973. about fifteen years he began playing as a DJ, with his collection of vinyl style as diverse as techno, house, tribal, afro, underground, techno detroit, sperimental techno and house, acid house, minimal, tech house, hardtechno. in (1989) he moved to Switzerland and he knew the founder of dr.motte paraide berlin love begins to prefer three genres in particular the tech house, minimal, techno. in (1999 -2000) dr.motte paraide love him to play in and they are gaining a lot of respect in the European and American techno music. mr.lucky became known in the world of nightclubs, as well as his renowned technique, even for a good dose of creativity. His sets are always full of groove and powerful techno sounds, his unerring ability to fuse techno with his sophisticated "Old School" .. In short, an explosive mixture called "to this style.

dj mr.lucky grew up in Naples and began DJing in clubs techno music in the early nineties. In the following years will play in some clubs known as the Neapolitan Paradise La Sonnambula, Tobu, myway, my toy, paragraph, kgb, lemon light where together with other DJs such as Tony Maione, tony valent peppe napolitano, Massimiliano Vitolo, alessandra Argentina jenny Marotta, Lello will address the first Roman Naples house. In the second half of the nineties to become a DJ techno, minimal, tech house and house music very active. in the nineties - two thousand nineties dj mr.lucky continue to have success in the music club, thanks to some sounds including tech house, minimal and techno (1989) to techno and house (1994), techno (1995 ), minimal (1997), tech house. The last two genera have arrived at the top of the charts rating Dance Music / Club, worldwide. In 2001, returning from a tour of Asia with the project in this style. Again mix music tech house, minimal and techno and will become very popular in Europe. Follow the (2002). all (2010). 2o11 will return in most clubs in the Italian area of southern Italy the Cyclops italian discotheques. where they have performed internationally renowned artists such as Todd terry.little Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Francois Kevorkian, dennis ferrer, Tony Humphries, Sven Vath, Marco Carola, lello Roman, Erick Morillo, DJ Simi, Carl Cox etc..

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