FANDOM is the official website of Disney Channel, a children's TV channel. Formerly powered by Adobe Flash, it includes many features. [2]


In 2006 Disney Channel launched its own video player at [1] but in 2007, the new home of Disney Channel online videos is at Disney XD and then in 2009, the home for online videos were at Videos so it would not be confused with the channel, Disney XD.


Each current Disney Channel Original Series has an official home page on, most include sections featuring Characters, Photos, Quizzes, Downloads, Games, and Videos.A vast majority of shows enable web users to watch episodes on online.


The website included the home page which is just basically advertisements for certain games and shows, but the links are where most of the content is from. The main page takes its appearance from the regular page, it formerly looked just like the rest of the website. The sub-pages were revamped in May 2007 to match the new on-air graphics on Disney Channel. In January 2011, the whole website was revamped with a modern look featuring a new layout and new sub-pages for shows and the new cubical logo seen on television. The new layout features advertisements both from disney channel content and other disney content, current shows and movies, latest games and a video player. In March 2012 was again revamped with a social network feel to it, and is the first version of the site not powered by Adobe Flash.[3]


Disney XD

In 2007, the website launched Disney Xtreme Digital (DxD for short), where registered users can chat with their online friends, play games, watch their favorite shows, and create their own channels all at the same time. To get cool stuff for their channel, they can either buy them with "D-points" by playing their online games, or find them by searching the site. They have channels for their current original shows, original movies, and Disney movies. However, Disney Xtreme Digital is only available for users within the USA, as the website states. Recently, the service has been added to the British and French websites. A similar service, named "Disney Channel Play" is available on the Latin America website. But on the US site the new DXD player lets you have your own favorite videos cause of the new games page.

Disney Channel International Websites

Disney Channel in other countries have websites just like their American counterpart. Disney Channel Europe has Halloween and Christmas games on their websites every year those seasons are around, they are exclusive for Europe.

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