Dirty White Blues Band started May 1, 2011 playing blues music with intentions of playing blues with some rock expressions and mixed along with other styles of music that would be considered taboo that would get them somewhere to be heard. The two who formed the Dirty White Blues Band go by the name of Jack Pratt and Eric Nielsen. How it all started with the two was this; Jack Pratt went to the Juke Joint Festival that takes place once a year and that was on April 13, 2011 down in Clarksdale, Mississippi. After his stay for 5 days Jack Pratt came home from the Juke Joint Festival 2011 and brought home a CD that $Daddy Rich$ let him have after a jam session he walked in on just before midnight Thursday April 14th. He flew back home on the 18th and decided to drive up to visit his good friend Eric Nielsen on May 1st. Eric lives in Brattleboro, Vermont and Dennis brought along that CD titled "Clarksdale" and played it for him later on in the night.

Eric enjoyed the title track and decided he would learn it the next morning and asked Dennis if he would sing the song. He decided that he would video record that moment in time for grins and giggles and Eric never mentioned to Dennis that he would post it on and he didn't until Dennis drove back home and talked to him via phone from his home in Brockton, Massachusetts. Anyway, that's how it started. From a song to coming up with a name for a band that'll transfer files over the internet. They are having their fun creating original blues songs so that their lives are more exciting with this music called the blues.

Dennis "Jack" Parker started playing the bass guitar at around the age of 28 and has played with a number of bands that included different genres of music. Dennis has played in Rock & Roll, Blues, Country and original bands and has always been a factor in all of them. He was brought up listening to different styles of music that includes Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Hank Williams and The Rolling Stones just to name a few. A good friend from the beginning of Dennis' learning days by the name Johnny O' would show him the scales and patterns on the bass so they could jam with each other. Eventually another friend of theirs named Peter would play the drums and they would jam late into the night on many occasions.

Dennis met Eric somewhere around the early 1990's and was involved with him in 1996 in a band call "The Over and Under Band" along with Johnny O' and Peter that played rock and alternative music. Dennis remembers a time when Eric showed up for a gig at a local club and when it was time to get on stage Eric came out of the men's room wearing a leopard skin pair of pants made out of Spandex that fit him fairly tight and Dennis thought it was one of the coolest thing he ever witness from Eric. Dennis and Eric has been friends for a while now and they are again United with each other musically.

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