Dima Yeremenko was born in 1970 in Kharkov, Ukraine. He has an MSc in Physiology of Behavior, a BEd, and is a breed judge – National Category qualification, F.C.I. - and is fluent in English, Russian and Ukranian. Dima is a dog behaviorist and trainer and started his London-based Good Boy Dog School in 1996, where he developed and continues to expand his propriety training method of “Hand Feeding” for owners of all skill levels. His Hand Feeding method, including ten training stages, is published in his book, Dima's Dog School.

Hand Feeding

“Hand Feeding means what it says – feeding your dog from your hand. You simply get rid of his feeding bowl – temporarily – to teach him to become motivated to learn… It is a very short term-routine. There are those who will see dramatic differences in their dog’s attitude within a few days, while others may need to persist with the process for a couple of weeks to achieve the results they desire; the length of the training period and the time required is entirely dependent on both your skill and your dog’s learning ability. It offers various depths of canine - human communication that stimulates dogs' mind and provides them with lots of positive repetitive emotions.”[1]


  1. Yeremenko, Dima (2004). Dima's Dog School> The Foolproof New Way to Train Your Dog. London, UK: Piatkus Books. pp. 71-76. ISBN 0 7499 2506 X. 
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