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|show_name         = Dillon Wright Studio
|image             = 250px
|Genre             = Everything
|Media             = Youtube Channel
|Running Time      = January 15, 2012-Present
|Shows             = The Dillon Wright Show, Dillon Wright Movies(upcoming), The Dillon Wright Cartoon, and Cooking Wright

The Dillon Wright Show

Dillon Wright Studio's first show, it has Dillon Wright talk about stuff that people wanna know. It has Mystery Doors, Secret Words, and many more. There are 2 seasons so far, season 1 is finished, but season 2 is still in production.[1]

Dillon Wright Movies

This shows all of Dillon's movies. Robot Epidemic is on this show, and The Dillon Wright Movie is in production. More movies will be announced soon.

The Dillon Wright Cartoon

A cartoon made from stop-motion animation. It is based on the character, Dillon Wright hangen with his friends. It will come fall 2012.

Cooking Wright

A cooking show where Dillon Wright shows people how to create outstanding meals and snacks. He will make the dishes, he'll make some laughs.


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