Dicky Butt Cone Tag was first founded in the Fall of 2011 by Robert Algierie, Andrew Behrens, Michael Leggio and Joseph Babinski. It was only played twice and then it died. However, the Senior class of 2012 resurrected it at the start of the Summer of 2012 with the influence of the Founders. After one night of play it instantly became a hit amoung the senior class drawing all groups together to play. It is estimated that by 2014 the game will be played across the nation and by 2016 it will be international. It is a farely simple game that combines two games: freeze tag and dodgeball. The point of thegame is to give someone else the title of Dicky-Butt as soon as possible. It is reccomended that one is in great physical shape to play the game as it requires a lot of throwing and quick but short sprints.

Free For All Gameplay: Free for all is the most basic form of Dicky Butt Cone Tag. One person is chosen at random to be the Dicky Butt for the start of the round. Everyone else surrounds the cone while they wait for the Dicky Butt to start the game. After he/she starts the game everyone has five seconds to run away from the cone. The Dicky Butt then has to use the cone to hit someone into to give to them the Dicky Butt title.

Rules of Dicky Butt Cone Tag Free for All: 1) there is only one Dicky Butt at a time 2) when the Dicky Butt is in possession of the cone everyone must stand frozen 3) while the cone is in the air everyone must stay frozen 4) if you jump out of the way of the cone you are automatically it. you are allowed to pivot and duck but your feet must remain still 5) the perimeter is proportional to the number of players but can be changed under the discretion of th players 6) if you recieve an injury you keep playing. there are no quitters in Dicky Butt Cone Tag 7) anyone who cheats is hit with the cone a number of times based on how severe they cheated

Team Gameplay: With some variation Dicky Butt Cone Tag can be turned into a competition amongst teams. Two teams, Team A and Team B are challenging one another. Each team chooses a player from there team to be the Dicky Butt that represents them. Both teams are on separate courts located side by side one another. The Dicky Butt from Team A must eliminate Team B and the Dicky Butt from Team B must eliminate Team A. Whichever team is eliminated first, loses. If it results in a tie then a tie breaker must occur.

Tie Breaker: This is a farely simple method. A cone in placed in the center of a large field. The Dicky Butt's from each team are placed equidistant from the cone. They must be laying on their back with their head pointed at the cone. When the whistle is blown each must get up and sprint towards the cone. Whoever grabs the cone first wins.

Variation- whoever gets the cone first must throw it at the other Dicky Butt but if he misses than the other Dicky Butt has the opportunity to get the cone and hit him back. Whoever is hit first loses.

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