A game of great skill utilising the roll of dice to determine the winner of a pre-determined wager.

An unlimited number of players must sit in a circle formation and firstly decide on a common wager or bet for the round. 1 round equates to each player having rolled the three standard die once simultaneously. At the completion of each round the player with the largest aggregate score is declared the winner of that individual round. That player must then attempt to eat a bread sandwich containing the contents or wagered amount in cash. Any condiments such as tomato sauce, of the player’s choice are accepted. Should the winner successfully eat the 'cash sandwich' they are entitled to keep the proceeds of the round. If not, they are allowed to keep it anyway.

In between rounds each player must pick a product of their choice to promote in a 30 second infomercial. The player must utilise the phrase 'Dice Cash Sandwich' during the promotion or they are disqualified from the game immediately.

Rounds may be continued until the end of the game is signalled when all players have run out of money.

Players must be of minimum age 18.

Creators: Ben Petrie, Matthew Hines, Ben Griffith

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