The Dhund (Arabic: عباسى) is a tribe in Murree region of Pakistan .


The Dhunds are found chiefly in the Murree tehsil of the Rawalpindi district and the Abbottabad tehsil of Hazara, also on the left bank of the Jhelum in the Bagh tehsil of Poonch.

Chief Families

The recognized tribes of Abbasi in Tehsil Murree are found at Sehanna, Potha, Dewal, Islamabad Capital Territory, Sila, Lora, Bakot, Birote and Kalahan, Ghora Galli, Samli, Ghambeer, Danah, Aliot.


The Dhund Abbasi claim they are descended from ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib(R.A), the paternal uncle of Muhammad(S.A.W). However they are probably of indigenous Indo-European origins.


There tribe is divided into many “als” or clans.
  1. The Chandal, found chiefly in Poonch in the Bagh tehsil.
  1. The Gaiyal, descendants of Gai Khan, whose tomb is near Duberan in the Kahuta tehsil. This section have villages on the right bank of the Jhelum near Tangrot. There is one family in Karor and a few in Poonch.
  1. The Ratnial, these are common in the Murree and Abbottabad tehsils.
  1. The Andwal, which is a small section in Hazara.
The Jasgams say they are branch of the Dhunds and though the Dhunds sometimes admit this relationship.
  1. The Tajal, who are located in GhoraGali, Samli Tajal, Phulgaran and Mallot zone-Iv islamabad

Notable People


simple:Dhund Abbasi

Clans of Dhund Abbasi Family in Pakistan

  1. Sarrara ABBASI
  2. Dhund ABBASI
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