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Windows 3.1 was released in 1992, and in development it was known as Windows codename Janus. Currently there are only four builds leaked.

Build 026 - Didn't differ from Windows 3.0, had a new bootscreen, date stamp is April 6th, 1991.

Build 034e - This build was found without the 2nd disk which was reconstructed of files from build 026. Without this fix the build wouldn't import .GRP files. The date stamp is June 8th, 1991.

Build 061d - This build had a lot of similarities with the final Windows 3.1, it was the first build that was compatible with a lot of sound cards, and had a boot screen which said Final Beta Release. The date stamp is December 18th, 1991.

Build 068 - This build is the last build currently available and is totally the same as the final Windows 3.1. The date stamp is February 2nd, 1992.

Build 043e - This build is claimed fake as the site BetaArchive said that it is probably a mistype of build 034e, and so far there are no screenshots of it.

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