Destinite, known as the "worst paladin EU" is the guild leader of the infamous guild "Honor Capped". Destinite AKA Joe Kitchen plays a Human Paladin however he is currently a dwarf IRL due to his dwarfism. Destinite aspires to go out clubbing every night however Jill Kitchen (His mother) doesn't allow him to. Destinite has the tendency to get confused with numbers and words and he struggles to understand what other people are saying to him 110% of the time. Destinite has only one friend who is a Russian. Both Destinite and the Russian work together to pleasure each other in-game and gank level 12 players in Razor Hill. Destinite is the biggest mistake that has ever hit the WoW community.

Honor Capped

Honor Capped is the "Worst Guild EU" according to the WoW Community and lots of guilds across WoW. They have a renowned reputation for ganking low levels, farming guards all day and then calling it "World PvP". Whenever Honor Capped are in trouble, they summon a thousand russians from the cracks of WoW and use them to fight other guilds and crash the World of Warcraft servers.

Destinite is the current guild leader of Honor Capped and he had this to say;

"Russians are love. Russians are life. I would rather die than live a life without Russians."


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