Depak Muniraj (born 6 April 1991) is an Indian Civil Engineer, Acupuncture Doctor and Young Doctorate in India. He is well known for his Youngest Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture from India. In 2008, Depak Muniraj received a Doctorate of Acupuncture at the age of 17.

Personal life

Depak Muniraj born in Trichirapalli, and grow up in Salem southern India. He is the son of Exservice Men in Indian Army Muniraj Nandagopal and Lady Sundaralakshmi Muniraj. Depak is the only son to his parents.

Depak was educated at Sona College of Technology, where he graduated with a bachelor of civil engineering degree,in 2012. He learned Acupuncture from Open International University for Complementary Medicines-USA and got doctorate of Acupuncture by the year 2008 through Dr. G. D. Baabu. Depak speaks English, Tamil, and Telugu. He is a Hindu, describing his faith as the "backbone" in his life.

Medical service

During his college days he was working with Cosmic Clinic,Salem and offered free Medical service to the poor peoples in the evening time for more than 4 years. Now he is doing Panchaboodha Treatment, A advanced method of Acupuncture and treatment for any kind of diseases without any medicines.

Civil Engineering Achievements

He got selected by IIT-Kanpur as top 60 civil engineering students of India and trained by a special camp called Summer Camp[1] by the year 2010. His project work ""Air Pollution in Chennai Urban Road Way and its Control" got selected by IIT-Madras and sponsored by the program Summer Fellowship Program[2] in the year 2011.

Other Achievements

His blog article "Bitumen Road Construction" is published in Construction Business Today Magazine [3] and adds credits to him.


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  • [1] Official website
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