Delta Media and Consulting is a small business focused on customer satisfaction and adapting to technology trends. The service is broken down into two main categories with several sub categories. Simply put - there are a lot of things DMC does, but they are all under one common umbrella.

Computer Services

General Consulting & PC Service. DMC can help with misc. systematic issues, media recovery for hard drives as well as Apple products (iPad, iPod).

Recycling (Computers and Electronics). Any components that is not used or needed will be properly disposed of. DMC can also make arrangements to pick up any items the customer wishes to donate. DMC does offer credits and cash for used computer components and goods (as applicable).

Consulting Services

System and process mapping. In the business world it is critical to have your processes mapped for both standardization and to continuously improve your processes. With a process map it makes it easy to see where a process failed, where improvements are needed or to understand "the bigger picture." With a good process, standardization, 5-S, A3 problem solving (as needed) you can continually improve your process and be the expert of your market.

System upgrade and implementation. Whether you are going to use a Pilot, Parallel, or Big Bang - you should have a solid plan. That plan should include process mapping, research, training, contingencies, the event, and support through separation

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