Defected Girl
(Kesson Shōjo)


Written by Romantic Fool since 1995


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Defected Girl (欠損少女 Kesson Shōjo?) is a Japanese doujinshi written and illustrated by Romantic Fool since 1995. It was released in 2004. The main character of this manga is a sixteen-year-old girl named Bikko, who lost her left leg and right eye in a crash. The original doujinshi was lost with the exception of one chapter, which has not been translated to English[1].


Sixteen-year-old schoolgirl Bikko lost her parents in a crash. She was also badly wounded, and lost her left leg and right eye. Stress made her hair turn white. Now, she black meshed on her hair. Bikko wants to live so she does not lose heart. She wears a simple dress, smokes cigarettes, and plays guitar in a punk group[2].


Thanks her unusial apearence Bikko, has a lot of fans on the world. Autor wrote, that she has a real prototype, autors frend. This girl lost her arm and some fingers on accident[3][4].


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