Def Swagg is and African American R&B and Hip-Hop girl group. It consists of Jazz, Symphony, and Melody ♥

Jazz: Rapper, vocalist Symphony: Spokesperson, vocalist, dancer Melody: Vocalist, dancer

Jazz was born December 26, 1999 (12) Symphony was born December 26, 1998 (13) her and Jazz are sisters. Melody was born April 10, 1999 (13) her, Jazz, and Melody are best friends

Some of their influences include: Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Wiz Khalifa, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce'

Jazz is into fashion. She spends some of her free time drawing designs. Symphony enjoys reading and dancing in her free time. Melody enjoys being around her family and friends.

When asked about who she looks up to, she say "I really look up to my parents, because they teach me how to live right. They never lead us wrong. They always say God is ALWAYS gonna be first."

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