Deep Woods is the inter-collegiate Cultural Festival of Madras Christian College, Chennai, India.

It is normally held in the month of February.[1] It is a three day event with various colleges from all over the country participating. A visit to the 365-acre (1.48 km2) wooded college campus will show the significance of the event title.

The myth of Deepwoods arises from the story of the "Phantom of the woods" who used to live deep in the forests of the campus.

Participation of about 70 colleges from Chennai and other cities and states, bringing together over 30,000 people on a common platform over a stretch of three days.

On the second day of Deepwoods’ a light music show is organized, which aims at the integration of the youth of different ethnic backgrounds through the thread of multi-lingual music.
a rock show in progress.

a rock show in progress.

Giants like Anuratha Sriram, Malgudi Subha, Srinivasan and Unni Krishnan have performed to packed audiences and cheering fans.

A phenomenal Rock Showdown on the third day by leading rock bands, like Parikrama, Orange Street, Pentagram, Moksha, The Killer Tomatoes, Afs, ThemClones and other huge names have headlined.

It is one of the very few competitions where the host college does not participate.

DeepWoods 2004 was the Silver Jubilee Year for the Fest which began in 1980. The Fest had a byline that said "Celebrating 25 years of Creativity".

31 Deepwoods have passed by and the legacy of this big cultural fest still exists. The 31st Deepwoods saw more than 40000 students making their presence at MCC campus in tambaram and head banging to the tunes of Junkyard Groove, Blind Image and Escher's knot.

Deepwoods 2012 is expected to go bigger than ever as the college is all set to celebrate its 175th year of existence.


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