Deconbrio is an Electronic Rock band that started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Danny Rendo. In 2008,

Deconbrio's first official album, Obsessions of a False Idol, was released as a free digital album[1]. In early 2009, they were signed to Bit Riot Records[2] and released the EP The Vanishing[3]. In 2012, Deconbrio released their second full-length album, Voyeur[3][4][5].

Deconbrio provided remixes for artists such as Torrent Vaccine[6], Caustic[7], and Unwoman[8], and has collaborated with artists such as MC Gaps[9][10] and Miss FD[11]

Deconbrio is now based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Band Members

Current members

  • Richie Brannon - Guitar (2012–present)
  • Ashley Fantastic - Keyboards (2012-present)
  • Bow Morton - Drums (2012–present)
  • Danny Rendo - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Sequencing and Programming

Former Members

  • James Webb - Guitar (2009-2011)
  • Kristin Wenzel - Keyboards (2011)
  • Christopher Lombardo - Keyboards, Additional Sequencing and Programming (2008-2009)
  • Johnny Zhang - Guitar (2008–2009)




Other Appearances


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