Debra Jean Milke (born March 10th, 1964 in Berlin-Steglitz) was Arizona's long time lone female death row. She was arrested on December 3rd, 1989 as a result of the murder of her then 4 year-old son Christopher Conan Milke. The little boy was found in a desert area north of Phoenix, Arizona, with three bullets in the head. Debra was prosecuted for supposedly having instigated the murder, and found guilty of a conspiracy to commit the homicide in January 1991. However, no one ever claimed that she had been to the murder scene herself. The only piece of circumstantial evidence linking her to the crime was a not-witnessed, not tape-recorded, and not signed 'confession' penned in narrative form by Phoenix police officer Detective Armando Saldate. Other than being not-taped or witnessed, many other inconsistencies let her supporters cast grave doubt about the rightfulness of her death conviction. Debra is since imprisoned in the lock-down area of the Arizona State Prison Complex Perryville in Goodyear, Arizona.

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