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This is a list of books for children from preschool age to the age of eight featuring deaf characters.

  • Carole Addabbo - Dina The Deaf Dinosaur

Dina runs away from home to the forest because her parents won't let her learn sign language. There she befriends an owl, a chipmunk, and a mole. Age: Five through ten. [1]

  • Lorraine Aseltine, Evelyn Mueller, Nancy Tait - I'm Deaf and It's Okay

A young boy describes the frustrations caused by his deafness and the encouragement he receives from a deaf teenager that he can lead an active life [2]

  • Barbara D. Booth - Mandy

This story is about a girl named Mandy who cannot hear and also about her Grandmother and the things they do together. When the story begins Mandy is making cookies in the kitchen with her Grandmother. [3]

  • Gary Clemente - Cosmo Gets an Ear

This book explains the process of getting a hearing aid through the perspective of a young boy.

  • Loren Spiotta-Dimare - Caesar: On Deaf Ears

The true story of a deaf shelter puppy who learns to understand and respond to hand signals. [4]

  • Patricia A. Dyreson - A Very Special Egg

Two children (one deaf and the other hearing) will discover the true meaning of Easter-including religious symbolism- "new life" in nature. Guy's pictures capture the children's facial expressions and include hands that sign. [5]

  • Raewyn Caisley, Leanne Fleming (Illustrator) - Quiet World

When he learns that his younger brother can't hear, David wants to experience what it is like to be deaf. [6]

  • Kate Gaynor - A Birthday for Ben

"...highlights the everyday issues that deaf children may encounter on a daily basis in mainstream schools”." [7]

  • Candri Hodges, Dot Yoder (Illustrator) - When I Grow Up

Jimmy, who is deaf, attends Career Day where he meets deaf adults with varied and interesting careers, who communicate using sign language. Includes diagrams illustrating signs for some of the words in the text. [8]

  • Ron Hamilton, Peggy B. Deal (Illustrator) - Alan and the Baron

A deaf child tells how he uses sign language, hearing aids, and his other senses to communicate, how his friends help him, and how he goes to public school with an interpreter.[9]

  • Patricia Lakin, Robert C. Steele (Illustrator) - Dad and Me in the Morning

Adventure of a parent and hard of hearing child at the lake. [10]

  • Jeanne M. Lee - Silent Lotus

Based on the Silent Lotus legend. A deaf girl in a small village in Kampuchea grew up to become one of the best dancers in the kingdom and danced for the king frequently. [11]

  • Dorothy Hoffman Levi & Ethel Gold - A Very Special Friend
  • Ada B. Litchfield - Words in Our Hands

Nine-year-old Michael has deaf parents. [12]

  • Christy Mackinnon - Silent Observer

Story of a deaf child & her family's life in Canada during the late 1800s. [13]

  • Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson - I Have a Sister. My Sister is Deaf

A young deaf child who loves to run and jump and play is affectionately described by her older sister. ‘Can give young children an understanding of the fact that deaf children . . . share all the interests of children with normal hearing.' 'C. ‘A friendly, affirmative look [at the everyday experiences of the two sisters].' 'BL. [14]

  • Anita Riggio - Secret Signs: Along the Underground Railroad

Luke, who is deaf, must find his contact on the Underground Railroad. His courage and quick thinking enable him to pass along the description of the next safe haven in a way no one would ever suspect...[15]

  • Betty Rushford - Best Buddies and The Fruit of the Spirit

The collection teaches children the importance of such things as accepting people as they are, keeping promises, obeying parents, eating vegetables, fastening seatbelts, good manners, and controlling the tongue. It contains storylines about the mentally and physically handicapped, the deaf, how to handle scary situations, and the neighborhood bully. [16]

  • Jan Wahl, Kim Howard (Illustrator) - Rosa's Parrot

A mischievous parrot wreaks havoc when he plays a trick on his hard-of-hearing owner in this tale of friendship and forgiveness...More than just a companion, the little bird is also a help to her, repeating people's questions loudly so that she can hear. [17]

  • Dawn L. Watkins - The Spelling Window

Shelly is embarrassed by her deaf friend Seth's loud voice during a trip to the state capital. She changes her feelings to respect when an accident happens. [18]

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