David TMX (born David Grousset in Metz, France) is an author, composer, and performer of French rock music. His music is identified with the eclecticism genre. He is originally from the Normandy region, currently living in Briey.

Concurrently with solo projects, he participates with several groups, such as Both (Pop rock), Echo Lali (music for children), Dona Boar (Blues rock), Triface, Westing*House and Jump For Joy.

His music compositions are deliberately eclectic, ranging from French song styles to hardcore punk, heavy metal, rap and ska, and orchestral sounds. His lyrics are sometimes serious, dealing with topical issues such as euthanasia and the economic problems in France;[1] at other times, his lyrics are light in tone, but staying close to the eclectic approach.

In January 2007, he worked with Jérôme Dichiara, who records as GG (bassist, former member of Westing*House, bassist for Watcha), Yann Klimezyk (guitarist, member of MyPollux) and Thomas Copier (percussionist, member of MyPollux) with the goal of bringing his songwriting to the collaboration.

During February 2008, he worked on a project that would be more light and accessible, with Thomas Boncour (percussion, vocals), Fred Juszczak (bass, vocals, also a member of Both) and Aurélien Salvucci (keyboards, vocals).

In 2011, he collaborated with Eclectik. A new album was released in 2012, his 12th album.

David TMX is among the first recording artists to freely distribute his music through the online platform Jamendo, which has boosted his career and made him well-known. He is one of the top downloaded musicians using a Creative Commons license. He is heard on radio throughout Europe, particularly campus stations in France, Belgium and Germany, and tours extensively.


David TMX's discography is distributed under royalty-free license, under CreativeCommons.

David TMX

  • 2001 : Art H
  • 2003 : Argh !
  • 2003 : Les Mondes Parallèles
  • 2004 : Pouce !
  • 2005 : Avant, j'étais trappeur
  • 2006 : A l'orée d'un siècle en bois
  • 2006 : C'est du lourd !
  • 2006 : Fournée d'automne
  • 2007 : La face cachée de ma plume
  • 2007 : TMX Band
  • 2007 : K.C.D et plus si affinites
  • 2008 : Fournée de Printemps
  • 2009 : Quadragénaire de quoi j'ai l'air ?
  • 2011 : (Re)Naissance
  • 2012 : Le core et l'esprit

Mortad Hell

Mortad Hell is another solo project by David Grousset, parodying grindcore lyrics, but respecting the musical requirements of the genre:

  • 2005 : There is a Satanic Butcher in every one of us
  • 2006 : Kevin Kaos
  • 2009 : Uretrus Deflagrum

Tad Booze

Tad Booze is another project in the grindcore genre, started in 2009.

  • 2009 : Tad Booze


  1. Krouk, Medy. TRITHÉRAPIE MUSICALE : DAVID TMX – LE CORE ET L’ESPRIT. 3 April 2012. Quartier Libre, Le journal indépendant des étudiants de l'université de Montréal. Retrieved on 20 April 2012.

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