W. David Rabern was born in Houston Texas, July 30 1939. He originally served as a Law Enforcement Officer and has founded several companies related to telecommunications, alarm, security and design, and protection services. As a private investigator, he is a board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), personal protection specialist (PPS), certified fraud specialist (CFS), and a certified homeland security specialist level three (CHS3). He was the past President of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators(AALPI) and to this day is still a current board member. In 1967, Mr Rabern founded International Counterintelligence Services (ICS). He stayed president until 2005 until his son, Michael Rabern, took over the company as President. David Rabern's counter-espionage and counter-terrorism skills have become known as an industry standard through books he has written such as "The complete guide for CPP", which prepares investigators for the Certified Protection Professional program.[1][2]

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

On November 20, 2006 BBC's Newsnight presented research by Shane O'Sullivan alleging that several CIA agents were present on the night of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. O'Sullivan interviewed David Rabern, who had been in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel on the fateful night in 1968. While Rabern did not know CIA agents David Morales and Gordon Campbell by name, he had noticed them talking to each other in the hotel lobby prior to the assassination. He also noticed Campbell in and around several police stations on U.S. soil that the CIA had no jurisdiction over.[3][4][5]

Controversy regarding alleged involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion

Mel Ayton, author of 'The JFK Assassination : Dispelling The Myths', did some research into the claim that David Rabern was contracted by the CIA to participate in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. In late 2006 Ayton contacted Don Bohning, an associate of the late Jake Esterline, the CIA project director for the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and Marine Col. Jack Hawkins, the CIA paramilitary chief for the project. Bohning told Ayers that he had never heard of Rabern, and contacted Jack Hawkins to confirm his suspicions. According to Jack Hawkins, the only two contract operatives involved in the Bay of Pigs Invasion were Rip Robertson and Grayston Lynch. Ayton then contacted the wife of Grayston Lynch, and was told "My husband said to tell you that the only two Americans involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion were he and his CIA partner William "Rip" Robertson. Anyone else that tells you they were there, or says they can vouch for someone being there, is a... in no uncertain terms...liar. There have been, over the years, a whole raft of wanna be Bay of Pig invaders both American and Cuban." [6]

Known Memberships and Affiliations

International Memberships:

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Television and News

Television appearances

  • "Security cameras in the workplace" KSAZ Fox Channel 10
  • "Hidden cameras and microphones can be anywhere" KPHO CBS Channel 5
  • "Airport security/Bombs on board" KTVK Channel 3
  • "Bank robbers" ABC15 KNXV-TV
  • "Cheating significant others" KSAZ Fox Channel 10
  • "Surveillance cameras" KPHO CBS Channel 5
  • "ECM Electronic Counter-measures" KSAZ Fox Channel 10
  • "Cheating spouses" KTVK Channel 3
  • Continuously featured on Local and National Reports

News articles

  • "Cheating Hearts" Phoenix Gazette
  • "Stop! Thief!" Photo Business Magazine
  • "What price security?" Phoenix Gazette
  • "Are you bugged" Hearsay Legal Journal, and Scottsdale Airpark News Magazine
  • "Investigators find work in corporate security"
  • "Threats, terror generate work for protectors."
  • "Is your Client Bugged?" AALPI News – Monthly publication
  • In the 70's and 80's Mr Rabern was featured numerous times in PI magazines like "PI Magazine"


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