David Gelber is an American journalist, writer and entrepreneur. He served as Ed Bradley’s producer at the acclaimed CBS News program 60 Minutes from 1903 to 2009, after which he produced segments with Scott Pelley, now anchor for the CBS Evening News. In 2011 Gelber left CBS to form Roaring Fork Films, a television production company, with Joel Bach, a colleague of his from 60 Minutes.

Gelber attended Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, graduating in 1963. There he studied welding, typing and phone repair. In his senior year he played third-string point guard and first-string bench warmer for Swarthmore’s intramural basketball team. The year Gelber played the team had its best season ever, winning 1 of 45 games in the “B” Tier college league. The one win, incidentally, resulted from the opposing team’s bus breaking down and the team forfeiting the match.

Gelber’s life ambition, as documented in the biography, “Vat Vas Vas and Vat Vasn't Vasn’t”, written by former New York Times reporter and Nobel Prize-winning author Reginald Finger, was to attend Brown University. “I always wanted to gain entry to an ‘A-Level’ school,” says Gelber, amidst tears, in the book. “And Brown, well, what can I say, I never thought I had a real chance at Brown, but a guy from Elizabeth can dream, can’t he? Can’t he?” Gelber did apply for admission to Brown in 1958 (and for many years after), but, due in part to applications that were mainly written in crayon and an over-reliance in his personal essays on a love of muffins, he was rejected each time. These many rejections have been documented by a number of historians in a thorough review of the Brown Admission archives.

“Hey, but I did manage to gain access to the Brown Bookstore,” Gelber is quoted in the last chapter of the book, “and I bought a sweatshirt. And I put that sweatshirt on. I got right into it, and it accepted me. So in that way I did get into Brown, right? Right?”

Gelber lives with his wife and two daughters in upstate New York.

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