Dave Tieff is a songwriter, musician, speaker and entrepreneur.

Early Music Career

Indie artist/musician Dave Tieff gained notoriety in the late 1990’s as the front man of the alternative band Laughing Colors based in Baltimore, Maryland. Laughing Colors sold over 100,000 units of their albums independently, and the band shared the stage with mainstream alternative and rock bands like Live and Stone Temple Pilots. The band played popular venues across the country and was regularly featured on Mid-Atlantic radio stations such as 98 Rock in Baltimore, and WYSP in Philadelphia. Although Tieff found great independent music success in the late 1990’s with Laughing Colors, he battled with drug and alcohol addiction for years, came close to dying, and ultimately ended up in rehab. In 2004, Laughing Colors publicly announced their decision to "take a permanent vacation." By the mid 2000’s, Tieff decided to take a hiatus from writing music and performing, and instead focused on becoming clean and sober.

Solo Music Career

After several years away from music, Tieff began writing and recording again, telling his story of overcoming addiction through music. In May of 2009, he released an independent, solo album called The Art Of Peace, which included previously unreleased material he felt did not fit into the Laughing Colors sound. All proceeds from the album sales were donated to charity, which raised over seventy thousand dollars in total. In 2010, Tieff began performing and speaking at colleges about drug and alcohol addiction. Later that year, he joined a cross-country college tour to raise awareness for for Amnesty International and human rights. His song "Love and Freedom," a track on the The Art of Peace album, was part of a digital download compilation to benefit Amnesty International that included tracks from Dave Matthews, U2, and Peter Gabriel.

In 2011, Tieff signed with an independent label called KETS Records. He recorded A Trip Into The Sun, a five song EP co-produced and co-written with Grammy-nominated producers Mitch Allan and Kevin Kadish. The first single on the album was "Time To Fly," which gained recognition as a featured track on Indie Music Reviewer Magazine's May 2012 issue of Indie Overdose. Tieff was also recognized in Indie Music Reviewer Magazine's June 2012 issue as " 50 Indie Acoustic Artists You Don't Want To Miss."




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