Dating by Sexy (DbS) is a date coaching company that provides training on how to meet and have successful relationships with women. They were established in April 2008. The company is based out of Upstate New York and holds training and seminars around the world.


The DbS team was formed in upstate New York around April 2008. Since then, they have held multiple super conferences involving themselves and other well known pick up coaches.

Dating by Sexy provides instruction in the field of dating, seduction and relationships based on a world view altering model as well as behavioral enhancement. Emphasis is on a natural form of game while eliminating habits that inhibit a person from living to their fullest potential.

Life Coaching, Seminars and Bootcamps

Free Seminars

Dating by Sexy organize and teach small free seminars. They cover a brief overview of their methodology and philosophy as well as basic overall pickup ideas.

Upstate NY Super Conference

The super conference is an annual event at which experienced dating coaches and students gather to share knowledge and ideas. This event includes lectures, workshops and mini boot camps.

Life Coaching

DbS provide private Life Coaching for students that revolves around 1-on-1 training and boot camps.

Drunken Interview

As of recently a new interview series published by Dating by Sexy is gaining notoriety in the community because of their unusual approach being taken in the interview process. The show revolves around interviewing well known members of the pick up community while the interviewees and interviewers are consuming significant amounts of alcoholic beverages. The topics under discussion usually revolve around some piece of drama or controversy.


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Confidence Boosters

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