Hello Every One....

Me My self Is Darshan Gauswami..... You People Want to Know About Me More ??????? I have loads of things 2 say abt myself... n once i start i can go on and on...(ul probably get bored by d end of it ) i laugh alot. i totally agree vit d sayings..LIVE ND LET LIVE.... i hate ppl vit loads of attitude... i cant stop laughing once i start. i like talking on phn... i can keep on talking 4 hours... sometimes i don know wat m up to.. i am very hyper. i want to live in fairyland... i wish i had blue eyes. i dont like the words love and hate becuase both of them are very extreme and very strong words. i like to make poetry...i make attempts 2 do all possible(good) things in lyf...!! i am loud. i like reading but hate stuyding.. i watch alot of movies... i like watching asambhav. i have a great deal of ambition. i dont suffer from an identity crisis. i enjoy screaming a lot. i dont share choclates..........!! (hehehahahoho) i am crazy about poems i hate ppl having attitude problem. i dont use big words. i love (yes love)my friends and family ........... i am happy most of the times. i get humoured by stoooooopid things. i have a fetish for stars,poems,colors,butterflys,watches. i like posters. i have never been to jail. i love DISNEY cartoons. i am not 2much religious or spiritual. But i love GANPATI BAPPA i am a morning person. i love to dream. i hate plain milk. i love my poetrybook. i am "ZERO" without my family & frnds. I hate smokers!! i use SORRY word 100 times in a day!!! i dont like getting labeled. i like shopping. i am lazy. i do crazy things. but i am so sweet and cool dude......

You Also Can Find me On FaceBook And Many More Social Networking Site....

Thanks and Regards, Darshan Gauswami +918806033233

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