Darren Wang, also known as Wolfie, is a minecraft modder and specialist. Since March 2012, he has been a part of the modpack developer WolfieisBeast Game Studios, as a modder and designer. He became the lead modder and design specialist of the record holding modpack, WolfPack, after Devin "The Beast" decided to step back from the high throne in October 2012. Since deemed as lead designer, Darren has lead WolfieisBeast Game Studios to a collaboration with BalkondeurAlpha to continue updating their modpack. Darren's influence on the modpack is clearly shown since his main interests dwell among RPG style mods and WolfPack is a RPG style modpack. Along with WolfPack, Darren has worked with BalkondeurAlpha to create a second modpack formerly known as The Forgotten Modpack. This modpack has its main focus on reviving old Minecraft Mods from 1.2.5 to be known again. The Forgotten Modpack is still at an early development stage but updates are quite rarely seen from it. Darren seems to put most of his attention on Wolfpack since updates come out at a rate of about once a week.

The WolfPack ModPack remains as one of the pioneers of minecraft modding once containing a stunning 60 mods in this RPG themed modpack.

The Forgotten ModPack is still at early development since it was created in early December 2012.

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