Dark Harvest Records is an extreme metal record label founded in 2006 by former Worst Case Scenario drummer, Daniel Paris. From touring and seeing so many unsigned bands that where just as good, if not better than a lot of signed bands, Daniel decided to start his own label and give some of these bands the opportunity to reach a wider audience and another step up in the industry. Dark Harvest Records has been building a reputation based on the fact the label is run by musicians for musicians. The label takes pride in promoting acts that deserve more recognition and partnering with them to advance to bigger and better things in their careers.

In 2009 Dark Harvest Records absorbed well known death metal label Blunt Force Records. This added more experience and catalog to the DHR line. In 2011 Dark Harvest merged with close friends and allies NoEX Records. This brought the two juggernauts together and is setting the company in the driver's seat for a rapidly evolving music industry.

Artist who are/have been on Dark Harvest Records:



Blood Tribe


Loss of Reason

United By Hate


Final Curse

Balor's Eye

Saving October

Psilocybe Larvae


Worst Case Scenario


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