Daniel Farash, born 1962, Lower East Side, Manhattan, moved to Bergen County, New Jersey, 1973; graduated from University of Miami in 1984 with a B.B.A.; President/CEO of: All Service Computer Rentals and Contingency Planning Associates from 1985-2001 . Farash was named Entrepreneur of the Year (New Jersey in 1997) ; Honored Citizen of the Year (Honor Legion, Police Departments of New Jersey in 1998); Farash was sworn in as a deputy sheriff (Bergen County New Jersey in 1999). Member of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Year Hall of Fame . Farash, in the late 1990’s, donated computer labs to pediatric wards in Bergen County Hospitals . Film Producer: “This Thing of Ours,” theatrically released in 2003 ; won Best Picture at Back East Film Festival (Hoboken, New Jersey, 2002 ). This feature film was the basis for The Soprano’s “Cleaver.” Presently Farash is working on regulatory reforms in both the residential real estate brokerage and commercial airline industries , , . In late 2008 Farash plans to release an educational documentary [Paint it Black] which will be sent to several hundred individuals of wealth and influence; however it will not be released to the general public. This documentary addresses the growing divide of wealth over the last thirty years by means of Government statistics . Farash states “the upper class and leadership of the country have gone mad” using real footage of inadequate regulation of big business and Wall Street: The percentage of individuals in debt and the incompetence of government over the last 30 years. In general, Farash states he is disgusted with the corporate greed, reckless and unfettered conduct of various financial institutions over the last 30 years . Farash has been planning to start a not-for-profit benefiting “the 250 million people” in the U.S., that are finding it impossible to make a living wage. Farash states that over the last 30 years most people have lost about 2/3 of their buying power , while the wealthy have control of approximately 50 Trillion dollars . Farash states “when you have a couple of guys worth 30 billion dollars because of their stock, (ie Google) is trading at irrational multiples, the country has enormous problems. Or when CEOs are earning 500 times their average employee; this staggering statistic reflects tremendous overcompensation whereas CEOs earned 15 times their employees of 40 years ago, it’s as David Walker United States Comptroller General states: “this is a perfect storm.” Farash states most know there is a problem, let’s fix it. “Quickly!” , ,

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