Daniel Perry (or Dan Perry) (born March 12, 1978) is a former United States Embassy official who disappeared on June 17, 2013 following a 16-hour flight from Hong Kong to Newark Liberty International Airport, New York, USA. He claimed to have information on Edward Snowden and was filmed 'freaking out' at other passengers. On reaching Newark Airport, according to the Daily Mail, Perry was detained by about a dozen US law enforcement officers.[1] The story briefly became a worldwide sensation, but has subsequently gone unreported.

Personal Life

Daniel Perry is a native of Binghamton, New York, where he is believed in the past to have lived with his parents. He claimed to have worked for the CIA, and was a US Embassy official in Abu Dhabi in c.2004. On moving to Hong Kong, where he is married to a Chinese lady, he appeared to have made an attempt to contact Edward Snowden.

In 2009, Mr Perry lost a suit against the United States State Department for wrongful dismissal and discrimination on the grounds that his claims were time-barred.[2]

United Airlines Flight 116

On Monday, June 17, 2013, Perry boarded a flight from Hong Kong International Airport to Newark. About nine hours into the flight, he started what was described as a "bizarre anti-government rant" and claimed that he was being hit with "poisoned darts". According to CBS New York, he reportedly screamed

“Your life is in jeopardy!” he shouted. “Your life is in jeopardy if you work for the NSA, you work for the CIA, you work for the National Reconnaissance Office, your life is in jeopardy!”[3]
Jacques Roizen and a number of other passengers were able to detain Mr Perry and, when the plane landed at Newark at 13.45, it taxied to an isolated part of the Airport,[4] and he was escorted from the plane by about a dozen law enforcement officers. According to the FBI, he was taken to a mental hospital for an evaluation.[5] Perry's current whereabouts are unknown.

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