DailyFlag for DailyBread is a community art installation by the residents of Leuty and Violet Avenues in The Beach neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] In December and into January, flags are placed at homes along Leuty and Violet avenues.[2] The installation is motivated by the season of Advent.[1] 32 families—increased for 2012 from the previous traditional 24 advent openings[3]— design, make and fly advent flags to be auctioned online. The money goes to charity.[4] The project objective is to raise money for the city's Daily Bread Food Bank Holiday Drive.[1] The project is managed by Michelynn Laflèche[4] and Benedict Hilliard.[1] The project has also served to increase community awareness in Toronto about food and hunger issues.[5]

Flag design and auction

Each house is assigned one number that they interpret into a flag design. They then make and hang their flag outside their house from the corresponding day in December (eg, number 15 on December 15th) until the last day of the project on January 12th.[6] The DFFDB website maps out the daily flag unveilings to encourage friends, family and the public to come and view the flags on a regular basis.

The flags are photographed and published daily on the DFFDB website, with a description of the materials used and thoughts from the creators on what they wanted to relay.[6] An online auction of the flags is conducted on the website at from December 1st to January 12th.[7] All monies raised are donated to Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank.[2]


Last year, the DailyFlag for DailyBread project raised CAD$5,560 and 716 pounds of food (CAD$1,800 retail value) for the drive.[1] This year, the target is to raise CAD$7,500 through a mix of bids, donations and local business sponsors.[8]


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