File:Daido Juku Kudo.jpg
Daido Juku Kudo
Daido Juku Kudo
(大道塾 空道)
Date founded c.1981
Country of origin Japan Japan
Current head Azuma Takashi
Descendant arts karate, judo, boxing
Official Site

Daido Juku Kudo or 大道塾 空道 - modern form of martial art created in 1981 by Takashi Azuma based on his experience in Kyokushin karate and judo. Kudo includes key elements of kickboxing, karate, judo, English and Thai boxing.

The Kudo International Federation (KIF) is headed by Azuma Takashi - 8th dan Kudo.

KIF representations are worldwide with the largest in number representation in Russia.


Martial arts
Regional origin

China · Japan · Korea · India · Philippines · Malaysia/Indonesia · Europe

Unarmed techniques

Punch · Kick · Hold · Clinch · Sweep · Throw · Takedown · Joint lock · Chokehold · Compression lock · Ground fighting


Archery · Knife fighting · Stick fighting · Swordsmanship · Melee weapons


Sparring · Randori · Forms (kata) · Pushing hands · Punching bag  · Practice weapon


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu · Catch wrestling · Folk wrestling · Freestyle wrestling · Greco-Roman wrestling · Judo · Jujutsu · Luta livre · Sambo · Shoot wrestling


Aikido · Baguazhang‎ · T'ai chi ch'uan · Xingyiquan


Boxing · Capoeira · Karate · Kickboxing · Muay Thai · Taekwondo

Full contact Combat sports

Bare-knuckle boxing · Professional Boxing · Full contact karate · Mixed martial arts · Sanshou


Bartitsu · Hapkido · Krav Maga · MCMAP · Systema · Legal aspects


Wuxia · Mock combat · Fight choreography · Martial arts film · Professional wrestling · Fiction

Professional mixed martial arts training associations

Alliance MMA · AMA Fight Club · AMC Pankration · American Kickboxing Academy · American Top Team · Arizona Combat Sports · Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy · Elite Performance · Grudge Training Center · The HardCore Gym · Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts · Lion's Den · Miletich Fighting Systems · Minnesota Martial Arts Academy · The Pit · Roufusport · Team Alpha Male · Team Hammer House · Team Lloyd Irvin · Team Punishment · Team Quest · Team Sityodtong · Wand Fight Team · Xtreme Couture · ZenQuest Martial Arts Center


Black House · Brazilian Top Team · Chute Boxe Academy · Fight Training Academy · Gracie Barra Combat Team · Gracie Humaitá · Nova União · Universidade da luta


Abe Ani Combat Club · Evolve MMA · Grabaka · Paraestra · Takada Dojo · Team Lakay Wushu · Wajyutsu Keisyukai · Yoshida Dojo  · Juggernaut Fight Club


Brazilian Top Team Canada · Team Tompkins · Tristar Gym


Golden Glory  · Legion Sport Club  · London Shootfighters  · Mike's Gym · Red Devil Sport Club  · Rumble Sports  · Team Kaobon · Team Rough House · Wolfslair MMA Academy


Elite Fight Gym


Red Devil Sport Club  · Legion Sport Club

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