Dai Chunrong (戴春荣) (born 1961) is a Chinese television actress. Nicknamed the "empress specialist", she has portrayed over a dozen Chinese empresses in Chinese television series.



Year Title Role Notes
1996 Han Gong Fei Yan (汉宫飞燕) Empress Xu
1997 Princess Pearl season 1 (還珠格格I) Ulanara, the Step Empress
1998 Princess Pearl season 2 (還珠格格II) Ulanara, the Step Empress
2001 Legendary Fighter: Yang's Heroine (楊門女將之女兒當自強) Empress Xiao Yanyan
2001 Imperial Palace's Baby (皇宫宝贝) the empress
2002 The Legendary Siblings 2 (絕世雙驕II)
2004 Zhizun Hongyan (武媚娘傳奇) Wu Meiniang's mother
2006 Sigh of His Highness (一生為奴) Empress Xiaojingcheng
2006 Seven Swordsmen (七劍下天山) Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang
2007 Wo Ai Hedong Shi (我爱河东狮) the empress
2010 Journey to the West (西遊記) royal tutor of Women's Kingdom
2010 Schemes of a Beauty (美人心計) Empress Lü Zhi
2011 The Vigilantes in Masks (怪俠一枝梅) Abbess Wugou
2011 The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (傾世皇妃) Empress Dugu
2012 Scarlet Heart (步步驚心) Empress Xiaogongren
2012 The Legend of Chu Liuxiang (楚留香新傳) Tuopo
2013 Big-footed Princess (大脚格格) the empress dowager
2013 King Lanling (蘭陵王) Empress Hu


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