D NOVA grew up between the United States and Europe. He started writing music in his early childhood, refining his skills in many different, mainly cosmopolitan, environments. His love for music drove him to finally work on his own project: D NOVA is now ready to break into the International market. The music is an hypnotic mix of electro, dance, 8-bit and club beats; many '80s influences blended together with recent twists like The Neptunes, Justice and Timbaland. The final taste is a manifesto for Pop Culture. POP, Game, Blend, Toy and Digital are the main concepts of the artist: the goal is always expressing a real & contemporary feeling. Songs seem carved into mind, melodies sound like urban hymns for night and day audiences. A brand new “Videogame-Sound” on a lyrical background, a double reality where colours and dark are always mixed. A combination of depth and irony finally filtered by a skinny mind.

D NOVA's debut album is due for International release in mid 2012. The artist is currently based in London, performing in the UK while preparing to tour Europe and the US.

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