DOT DOT DOT,aka. ... and dotdotdot[1] is the pseudonym for an Norwegian based graffiti artist.
His paintings and stencils are often pop-cultural references put into a humoristic or critical context. DOT DOT DOT's works can be seen at walls in cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Copenhagen, Berlin, Fuengirola and Malaga. Since 2011, DOT DOT DOT's artwork is to see in several galleries.
His age and real name is not officially known.


File:Dotdotdot fat-bastard.jpg

DOT DOT DOT was born in Oslo, Norway, Since when he first started as a graffiti artist in 1997, under several different pseudonyms, DOT DOT DOT decided in 2007 to step into the more figurative and conceptual way of art... Street art.
He started with stencil art in 2007, but continued to do Graffiti. He was noticed for painting a rat, in a local town Sandvika, just outside Oslo.[2][3]
He showed up on the tv channel NRK under the release of 'Street art Norway Vol. 2' book by Kontur Forlag.[4]
He participated at LandArt Festival October 2012, curated by the norwegian artists Mari Meen Halsøy and Kine Lillestrøm, in Rommerike/Gjerdrum, just outside Oslo.[5][6]
DOT DOT DOT founded the firm All Rights Destroyed together with Peter Hillgaar, and several other companions in the summer of 2012, and later the same year in October/November, DOT DOT DOT put together ARD*POP-UP Festival, and invited several National/International artists to his hometown Oslo at Brenneriveien, to make new landmarks of Oslo.[7][8]


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