DNAlogy (or in Greek DNA-λογία), is a new scientific field in Genetics, concerned with the study of our Genetic Code (DNA), using Molecular Biology techniques. It specializes in Medical Genetics and study of genes associated with genetic diseases (sickle-cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, thrombophilia) and in Genetic Identification (identification of genetic identity and biological relationships, paternity, maternity etc.) along with the DNA identification in crime scenes (robberies, kidnappings, murders, rapes etc.) and major disasters (earthquakes, floods, wars, etc.).


The word “DNAlogy” derives from the DNA “Desoxyribo Nucleic Acid” and -λογία (logia) from the Ancient Greek word λόγος and defines the study of our genetic code. It first appears in Greece with the foundation of a model laboratory with an expertise in genetic analysis.

It is based on the word genealogy, the link between family members from generation to generation.The DNA identification and verification of this biological relationship among individuals, led to the introduction of the term DNAlogy.


The latest and most reliable method used today for genetic identification is based on the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and uses Short Tandem Repeats5 (STRs). STRs are highly polymorphic regions that include short repeated sequences (usually repeats of a 4-base consensus). As non-biologically related people have a different number of repeats, these regions can be used for the identification of biological relationships. The results from such an analysis are reliable if they include at least 16 genetic markers validated by the international standards, including the sex of the under study persons. In addition, for the identification of biological linkage through paternal or maternal origin, laboratories can use the techniques of Y chromosome analysis6 (Y-STR) and mitochondrial DNA analysis7 (mtDNA) respectively.



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