Bold text Tawheed Al-Amin (born 19th June 2002), is a DJ from London.He is not known,but many friends and family know.He is an ordinary boy that stills goes to school.He only makes original mixes.At the moment,he is currently uploading his album onto Soundcloud.

Tawheed was born at The Royal London Hospital in East London on Tuesday 19th June 2002 at 3:37am into a family of 4.He had one older brother at the time,who was 4 then.Tawheed is Bengali and is a Muslim.He goes to Thomas Buxton Primary School.He has many friends.

School Life

Tawheed started to go to school in 2005.At the time,he was 3 and a half years old.When I started,someone else started at Nursery.His name was Hamza.Hamza was my best friend,till he left in Year4..Many new friends came.In Year 3, a boy named Musthakim came.He lived in the same street as Tawheed.He looks like him too.People think me and Musthakim are twin brothers, but we're not..Then after Musthakim's arrival and Hamza leaving,2 new boys came to the class.We used to be in a class called Bees..The new boys were Rafial and Abdullah.Tawheed is currently in Year5.Our classes were muddled up before we were in Year5.Our class is now called The Sharks.

Newborn Brother

On the 2nd of November 2007,a new brother was born.His name is Tawfeeq Al-Ishtiaque.I was 5 at the time, and one day I woke up and went to my mum's room.When I went in, she wasn't there.It was just my dad.Me and my brother went to the room.We asked my dad.He said she was in hospital.So we did'nt go to school for 3 days.Every day we went to see her.Once she came out of hospital,a new life had started in our family.There was now a family of 6,including me..

Tawheed is currently making songs for his debut albums,full of original mixes with his cousins on Fruity Loops Studio 10.Tawheed loves genres like R'N'B,Electro,House and Others.One of his favourites is the legendary David Guetta and legendary house supergroup Swedish House Mafia.Please check out my music.It is!.

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