DJ Evangelist (born as Sheik Reza Ally on March 7th, 1980 in Georgetown Guyana) is a born again Christian. He is a Canadian Singer, songwriter, producer and electrifying Disc Jockey. He has one of the most prolific names in the Caribbean Gospel community worldwide, especially in the genre of Dancehall Gospel and its Industry.

He has been involved in the broadcasting industry from an early age. In his late teens he produced and hosted his own television show. Around 2002 Reza has acquired numerous experiences worldwide covering a broad sector of media platforms such as radio, live concerts and online media. Since 2004 his leadership within his company has impacted Canada and many other countries, especially in the Caribbean and South America, by implementing and executing innovative and effective evangelism methods through the mediums of live musical events, artist development, etc. Reza has successfully launched the Real Easter J.A.M, a Christian Festival in the Caribbean attracting tens of thousands of followers. As a visionary and Entrepreneur he stands as the Founder and President of Evangelist International with sub entities such as Dancehall Gospel Inc formally known as Eiradionetworks and a record company and studio named Changers Records Inc. Being a Family man, Reza has a sincere passion as a community developer which has led him to receive The Community Service Award, Legislative Assembly of Ontario Canada and many others.

In 2010 DJ Evangelist released his first single and Music Video which he collaborated with Bahamian Artiste Mr.J titled ‘’Money we want”. The single received great attention as the most requested and played on the Top fifty charts in the Bahamas over the favorites of dancehall sensations Mavado, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. The Music Video for “Money we want’’ was tagged as the most popular and requested music video on one of the mainstream Bahamian Count down TV shows across the island in the summer of 2010.

In 2011 Reza Ally announced that he is working on his debut album titled Transition and during that year he released his first reggae single and video titled ‘’In His Presence’’ that received continuous airplay and was raved worldwide. Other singles followed such as “Give Me a Song” and a Spanish collaboration with Universal Records Artiste Falkon Fire titled “Party once More” which was released in Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America. Other notable collaborations include, “ Last days” and “Peace Love & Unity” which featured over eight artiste respectively.

In late 2012 two more dancehall singles were released to the airwaves, “Right Now” and “Do This” that received great airplay in the Caribbean, U.K., Guyana and Africa.

As one of the most popular Caribbean Christian Disc Jockeys and M.Cs throughout the world; Reza plays for his own recognized Christian reggae sound system Evangelist international. He has spun for most of the recognized artiste in the Caribbean Gospel arena such as, Monty G, DJ Nicholas, and Jason Mighty, Minister Goddy Goddy, etc. Highly circulated Mix tapes Includes Declaration of War, Fi Di Dancehall Vol 1 and 2. Reza Ally has been acclaimed for the International recognition and career advancement for some of the most profiled names in the Christian Caribbean industry today such as, St Matthew, Emrand Henry, Deejay Grace, Mr.J, etc. He is categorized as one of the top music consultant in the industry.

Reza Ally began his journey from a Muslim to a Christian when he first heard bible stories in elementary school. Even as a Muslim he lived a lifestyle that was accompanied by early childhood molestation, anger, fornication, over the counter drugs, forms of witchcraft etc. Then at nineteen years of age he attended his first Christian service with the intention to pursue a relationship with a girl, however he was captivated by the atmosphere of joy and freedom. In his early settlement in Canada Reza longed to experience more of the joy in his heart that he encountered previously in Guyana. With a deep hunger, he started to attend Agincourt Pentecostal Church in Toronto and even though he struggled with understanding how Jesus can be God he became a born again Christian in Feb of 2000. This was just the beginning of his transformation. Reza was a club promoter at the Government Night club in Toronto, Canada. He continued to be a promoter justifying that it was only a source of income. He was encouraged to pursue God. While attending several parties he felt an inner voice telling him that he is responsible in creating a social atmosphere that is contrary to the likeness of his saviour. So he eventually quit. In 2001, Reza decided to expand his vision of his previous television show that he produced and hosted in Guyana. After acquiring potential sponsors, Reza’s heart was still empty. He was at a point in his life where he longed to find out his purpose in life. After attending a youth service his purpose was found as God told him that he is going to be a pilot to bring his people home.

A few months later, while Reza was watching TV he was inspired to record Disc jockey mix tapes that will later be sent to Guyana, Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean. With no source of financial investment and with insecurities that God was speaking to him, Reza did not share his experience with anyone. A few days later he was invited to dinner at a friend’s place. Before the evening commenced Reza was encouraged as the hosts offered him the needed equipment to fulfill the task of creating the mix tapes. This revealed to Reza that God was speaking to him. In December of 2002, Reza launched an online ministry. He evangelised to people throughout various social networks. Many people’s lives were transformed around the world. His ministry continued to grow as he started an online media hub which included a radio station, currently known as Dancehall Gospel Radio.

At a Prophetic conference that Reza attended ,Reza was given a word that he would sing, at the time Reza found this to be quite strange because he had no desire to sing or had never sing before however one year after the prophetic word was given ,the talent began to emerged .

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