Chase Leclair,12, also known as D3aTH!D0L, is a electronic and rock DJ, as of 2012. He started mixing tracks using the MiXXX program for Mac OS X, in july 2012, starting his first CD 2o!2.


Chase was born on January 21 2000 under the name of Chase William Dalling, and not long after his father left him. At the age of 1 his dad Ben Leclair met his mother. At the age of 2 his parents married, and his last-name changed to Leclair. when he was 4 his brother was born(Avi Leclair)


2o!2: syndicate (remix), 5LUSH!3!!!!!!!!, A Song For Avi, GET DA FAK UP!!!!, I LIAK GHOSTS N STUFF (moar ghosts n stuff remix), (place random name here), Strobe deh ghosts (deadmau5 strobe VS Ghosts n stuff, That Pointlessly Long Song, dah dah dah dah SANDMAN!!!!!, MOAR SANDMANZ!!!!!!!, Y Be I Soooo EP!C?: CTHULHUZ!!!!!(Deadmau5 cthulhu dreams remix), Goin Clasic

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