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D.Jeelan stands for Dadagari Jeelan born on the march 1992 at Proddatur,Cuddapa District,Andhra Pradesh.Dadagari Well known for Author after his best Article becomes for more Viewers attachment by the Moral Lessons."The Sensitive Plant (come and Forgive)" was best Article all times best article reffered by the Readers.

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D.Jeelan author Biography,early life,article's,family

D.Jeelan author Biography,early life,article's,family.

Dadagari Jeelan adorable Pics with glasses

Dadagari Jeelan adorable Pics with glasses

Author Jeelan pics from Tirupati trip

Author Jeelan pics from Tirupati trip

Watch ramdan pics author celebrates these time with his friends

Watch ramdan pics author celebrates these time with his friends.Jeelan(Dadagari) rare pics from Ramadan

Happy father's Day Gidt from Author

Happy father's Day Gidt from Author.Jeelan News Happy Father's day here Author Jeelan tweet

D.Jeelan News Watch Pics Inside D

D.Jeelan News Watch Pics Inside D.Jeelan at Ramadan 2018

Author Slam on Modi Government for kepting mortgage of Red Fort

Author Slam on Modi Government for kepting mortgage of Red Fort.Jeelan News Author Slam being kept mortgage of Red fort

Author best tweets shared which proves Wisest Man

Author best tweets shared which proves Wisest Man.Jeelan author witty Tweets

D.Jeelan famous great minds Quote's shared in his Twitter timeline

D.Jeelan famous great minds Quote's shared in his Twitter timeline.

Dadagari Jeelan Author sketches and arts photos

Dadagari Jeelan Author sketches and arts photos.

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The Sensitive Plant (Come and Forgive) :-

A Article is all about in support of Sensitive peoples How they are exists their life by everyday problems and tackle from different environment for suistain.

“Henry” an Daze person who still upset on losting his wife on first child birth and committment on kid responsible for incident started to hated childrens seek a girl standing at Railway Station and wave with her hands but no one concentrates her.Can Henry remove his misunderstanding,Can a Sensitive Girl bring back his forgetten smile again in henry life.

The White Blanket :-

“The White Blanket” A Article is all about the Sister and Brother Siblings An beautiful Girl and Pretty “Kanaya” was trapped in the Plan of her brother Loshan and decided to marry of his selected.Meanwhile after reveales truth about her brother betrayal she committed Suicide attempt.The Article revolves around can her mother takes revengue or what else the special thing White blanket indicates in these Article.

The Rope and Well :-

Prabhu is an old age addicted hard worker started find scarce about his daughters marriage and affected by Heart attack was hospatilised in other loshan who always lazy and roaming character no any hand in Income find about his father inccident and started to run in a hurry in that situation he inspired with Rope and Well. findout what lesson does he learn.

Gandhiji and Selfish Passengers :-

Author publish the article on the september 24 2015.In these article the special appearence “Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi” who made huge role for taking Independence movement againist Britisher rule.A Story takes place in the year 1888,september 3 as Gandhi was travelling in Ship.the article all about How Mohan das Gandhi observe the perception of two way Charcter as before and After the Storm takes place.

Worthiness of Donating :-

A boy with happily going to purchase chocklates but suddenly at path of road observes an begger to need only 2rs for satisfy his hunger.Can boy donate it or what Magic happened.

Don’t Underestimate Any One :-

The Article which throw back lesson of Underestimate is very rude habbit with three different objects Things,Animals and Humans.Umbrella,Crow and Small Boy.

Mothers Love :-

After Reaching a Peek of his carrer by showing his arrogance of wealth and richness an man ask to his mother that How much can he pay for making from childhood to adult success.The Mother to taught him best lesson ask to qualify in her tests.The article revolves around How a man finaly comes to know Mother Job is not easy and even we have millionare still we couldn’t pay for her Scrifices.

The Poor Childrens Life :-

Author main cause to publishing beshind these article the only reason for standing in aid of Poverty and diminishing Poverty rate in India also to left morale of Humanity.

The five childrens who committed suicide attempt in the village water well removing by the water swim experts.the childrens where they found 2 are girls and 3 are boys and send for post mortem.the reports show the 3 boys are physicaly most damage by their labour works the 2 girls in which one is preginant.

The Doctors reports results the girl, she is 23 years old and the 3 boys were 12-15 years approxiametly.the another girl about 19 years old.

The Mumbai police department now started to enquiry and registered F.I.R.An Honest Sub-Inspector name Ashant who most love to childrens show more interest on case.Ashant on the next day started to search the case is first case which very confuse and immpossible to understand that why the childrens attempt to suicide and most thinking point is that In their appropriate hands why they wrote line “No Humanity In India.”

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