D'relle Wickham (born February 20th ,1988) known professionally as D'relle Khan or Mr Clark Kent UK ,is a british Artistic Director/Choreographer,actor,model and singer. Born in London, United Kingdom.

Early Life

Raised in East of London,D'relle began vocal training with Singing and performance school 'Sing and Deliver' which then opened a series of street dance workshops taught by Deborah Somerszaul, who was also working with recording artists such as JameliaBold text . He grew under her tutoring and mentoring becoming her assistant Choreographer and has worked for Jamelia, Terri Walker, Jessie J, Chris Brown and Madonna to name a few.

D'relle's acting career began from the age of 10 in his first lead role as Toad in The Wind in the Willows. The youngest cast member,D'relle blew the audience and other cast away with his energy, humour and professionalism which then landed him in the stage production of the 1976 movie 'Bugsy Maloneas Bugsy Malone. Again he wowed the audience and critics and to this day the picture of his performance hangs in his old secondary school as an established achiever. The first time people heard D'relle sing was in the production with the solo 'Down and Out' where he was enlisting the aid of a Down and Out workers in an old soup kitchen to help him and Fat Sam.

After leaving school, D'relle went on to tour and perform in a tribute group to German group Boney M as the male vocalist Bobby Farrell and was a huge hit in spain especially tenerife.


Upon his retun to the United Kingdom, D'relle began working as a runway coach for several different modelling companies, choreographed a fashion show in London's Trafalgar Square and was quickly making a reputation for himself as 'The boy in Heels' being called the young Miss Jay (the Runway coach from Americas Next Top model. He was then selected to work with Choreographer extraordinare Lavelle Smith Jnr (Michael Jackson,Janet Jackson and Beyonce) as he recreated Michael Jackson's Thriller ,a track with 13-minute-and-43-second-long music video for the song of the same name released on December 2, 1983 and directed by John Landis, who also cowrote the screenplay with Michael Jackson. Voted as the most influential pop music video of all time,[2] Thriller proved to have a profound effect on popular culture,[3][4] and was named "a watershed moment for the [music] industry"[2] for its unprecedented merging of filmmaking and music. Guinness World Records listed it in 2006 with Up and Rising Star, Chris Brown at the World Music Awards in tribute to Michael Jackson who then came on stage at the end of the performance. D'relle also worked alongside Jessie J and David Guetta in their 2012 video for the Single 'Laserlight' and Little Boots in her video for 'Headphones'

Campaigns, Legacy and Khan

D'relle believes those in public view or spotlight should try to lead by example and has helped support various campaigns through fundraising and performing Arts Such as Childline, Action Aid, Let me Love and Say my Name. He strongly leans to the influences of Waacking, Voguing (dance) which got him placed in the International Imperial House of Waacking founded by Soul Train Legend and original Waacker Tyrone Proctor and the Overseer of the UK Chapter of international House of Legacy and Khan which has led to D'relle to be featured in several editorials, publications,blogs and interviews. When Recording Artist, and Actress Madonna came to London to celebrate her birthday, it was D'relle and his House of Khan dancers that were requested to perform a special performance of vogue and entertain her and her entourage.


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