D'Youville Porter Campus
255 Porter Avenue
Lower West Side
School number 3
Principal Elizabeth Giangreco
Vice principal Pastora Bolden
Grades K-8

D'Youville-Porter Campus School is an elementary school in Buffalo, New York. It is located at 255 Porter Avenue in Buffalo, and serves grades K through 8. The current principal is Ms. Elizabeth Giangreco and the current assistant principal is Ms. Pastora Bolden.


The school is located near the campus of D'Youville College. During the 2009-2011 school years, the Porter campus was being reconstructed, and this school was temporarily located at School 77 on Normal Avenue.

Selected former principals

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. Victor Filadora–?-1995 (unknown, named Principal of Campus East School[1])
  • Mr. Mark Frazier–1995-2000 (Assistant Principal - Highgate Heights Elementary,[1] named Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum for Buffalo Public Schools)
  • Ms. Sonia Daliva–2000 (Principal - Bilingual E.C.C. 36, returned to E.C.C. 36[2])
  • Ms. Evelyn Pizzaro–2000-2008 (Principal - School 77,[2] retired[3])
  • Ms. Silvia Hopkins-Baines–2008-2010 (Assistant Principal - D'Youville-Porter Campus School, retired[4])
  • Ms. Denise Gonez-Santos–2010-2011 (Associate Director for School Support Services - Erie 1 BOCES,[5] named Acting Supervisor of Foreign Languages for Buffalo Public Schools[6])

Selected former assistant principals

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mrs. Theresa Schuta
  • Ms. Silvia Hopkins-Baines–?-2008 (unknown, named Interim Principal of D'Youville-Porter Campus School)
  • Ms. Jennie Cansino–2008-2010 (Special Education teacher - Buffalo Public Schools, placed on leave[7])
  • Ms. Elizabeth Ginagreco–2010[5]-2011 (unknown, named Interim Principal of D'Youville-Porter Campus School[6])
  • Ms. Ginna Wilson [interim]–2011[6] (unknown, named Assistant Principal of BUILD Academy)


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Noted alumni

Andre Coleman, Ani DiFranco, Rick James, Mike Williams

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