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Cypris Chat[1] is a not-for-profit English learning community in the virtual world of Second Life. It was founded in 2008 by Mike McKay (avatar name: Professor Merryman), a university adjunct English instructor in Japan, with the purpose of providing an interactive and immersive environment for English language practice. The community currently has almost 1,000 members from more than 50 countries and offers free activities for learning and practice every day.

Cypris Chat Mission

We strive to provide an educational yet fun and interesting environment for English learning and teaching. Our members have the chance to be part of a living community surrounded by others who are learning, teaching or simply interested in speaking English with people from around the world. We believe learning should be a way of life instead of a struggle to achieve.

The 4 Principles

After joining our family, members should find ways to share what they have learned or done in Second Life. Tell us where you have been, what you have seen. Show us your safe toys, clothes, avatars and gadgets. Sharing promotes communication.

Second Life is very different from real life, but it is real for many of us. We all come from different cultures, different backgrounds and with different reasons for spending time in SL. We might not understand each other but we both have the same goal, to learn or teach.

Share your opinions about Cypris. Let us know what you think. Help us make this community a better place for you. Your feedback is what makes Cypris so great. Your opinion matters the most. Help each other with learner/teacher feedback. Communicate mistakes and successes.

Be Active
Speak. Talk. Ask questions. Say something. We are not passive learners, we are active! In order to improve, we must practice. To practice we must participate. To participate we must SPEAK! Less text chat and more voice chat. We are here to help our members improve their ability to communicate in English.

General Information Card for Visitors

The following is from the "Visitors Notecard." All new members should understand the group's policies and have be able to use voice. Cypris Chat is a voice only, English only community.

What is Cypris Village?
Cypris Village is home to the Cypris Chat group; a small international non-profit community for English language learning. The purpose of our group is to provide a virtual social networking and meeting place for people looking to SPEAK English rather than study it. We hope this community will foster friendships far and wide while at the same time providing a fun and safe environment for English language learning.

Become a Tutor or chat Host

Would you like to help the group? We are always looking for nice people to volunteer a little time to help make the group a nicer place. Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Be a Chat Host (non-native or native speaker). Volunteer a couple hours to be available to practice speaking English. That's it. Others will join you for a conversation. No need to prepare anything. If you are there, we'll advertise and bring you people to practice with.
  • Host a Discussion Time (native speaker). The tutor is available to offer help for two hours. After answering questions for 30 minutes, the tutor forms a theme or topic for further discussion or study. This is not a planned lesson but does have a central theme in order to practice or learn something new.
  • Host a Lesson Time (native speaker). These are planned lessons that usually follow a two hour schedule; 45 minutes of chat and study, 45 minutes of activity. These Times are mainly for real life teachers or tutors wishing to learn how to teach in SL.


  • We all follow the mission and principles of the group.
  • Using voice is our number one goal. We discourage the use text if possible.
  • If someone is having trouble with voice or using SL, we will try to help, but we will not interrupt practice times.
  • Tutors and hosts will be consistent and on time: 45 min for study, 45 minutes for activity.
  • Other schools or teachers are allowed to advertise their school or activities.
  • Teachers can give private lessons using our materials.
  • Everything we create is open source and free. Make it and give it away.
  • Officers should have Cypris in their picks.
  • Cypris members are encouraged to donate lindens to help reach the monthly land tier fee.
  • Any major changes in the community require a vote from the officers or possibly the group.

We strive to provide a low lag, "grief" free learning environment. We are constantly monitoring sim performance and communicating with our members in order to make our home for learning nice and fun.
Our members are respectful of cultures. Arguing of religion, politics, sex, war, or otherwise controversial topics may be considered disrespectful and grounds for being ejected or possibly banned from the community.
We try to be as open and friendly as possible but require these rules in order to strike a balance between cultures. Thank you for understanding this difficult undertaking.


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