Cydia is a jailbreak for Apple's iOS devices created by Jay Freeman(Saurick).

Cydia lets users install third-party software that is not allowed by the Apple App Store.

Cydia does not install IPA files like regular apps,it installs .deb file(Debian file)

Most of the applications on Cydia is based on:Theeming,Tweaking,Pirating(Getting free things that cost).

There are also a few Hacking and Cracking applications.

Its very risky although to jailbreak.It can brick your iDevise.

It will also VOID your Waranty from

You can jailbreak iOS using tools like RedSn0w,GreenPois0n,SnowBreeze,and

To jailbreak iOS 4.2.1, 4.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.1, 4.0 visit here-

To jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 visit here-

For iOS 6 use Snow Breeze

Also,go to on your iDevise to make sure it work or dosent.(This is mostly for old iOS's)

The most popular apps in Cydia are-

Instalous - Allow you to get Free Apps

iAP Free - Free In-App purchases.(Requires iAP Cracker)

iAP Free Cracker - Free In-App purchases.(Requires iAP Free.

Barrel - Diffrent page flipping FX.

WinterBoard - Allows you to theme or iOS.

DreamBoard - Allows you to skin your iOS without respringing.

Zepplin - Changes the iPod/iPhone/iPad on the status bar to any logo you want.

Sleep FX - Puts FX when you sleep your iOS or wake it up.

Bigify+ - Cuztomize your ic ons(EX-Make your icons look like granite rock or make them small or big.

Sources are the sites Cydia get its apps.(Cydia comes with some)

To add sources go to Mangage<Sources<Edit<Add

Some Cydia sources are:


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