Cyber commando is an individual elite cyber soldier who main goal is to prevent cyber terrorist organizations or any individuals who wishes to target military infrastructure for complete destruction or killing lives through water, and electrical grids and any devices used for Information Technology and network infrastructure and highly hybrid in black hat, white hat, blue hat hacking techniques and uses both to prevent any damage. We all heard about the Stuxnet attack on Iran's nuclear facilities but why did it happen. Well apparently on the chatter at Naval Special Warfare some sailors were actually contacted by the cyber commando. This elite cyber commando explained through several phone conversations of the activities of the reason he reengineered a cyber terrorist code to try to setup an individual student at a university somewhere in Oklahoma for treason since this individual has a Geneology of a love story in the UK of a prince ditching his crown and went to the USA and married ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S daughter while the descendants of this daughter managed to get married to the real POPEYE of the USA NAVY who developed CQB or close quarters battle to prevent the japanese to poison warehouses around World War II or 2 which all Navy SEALs train in this hand to hand combat martial art style. The POPEYE's real family actually went and married the descendant of ABRAHAM LINCOLN daughter and a prince in the UK. One of the POPEYE's daughter who married a man who has geneology to a Jewish family and Scottish heritage.

The action was the real cyber commando was the youngest son of POPEYE's daughter that went to college and was setup by the Muslim Brotherhood member who engineered and created Al Qaeda. The member of the Muslim Brotherhood who had connections to the Haqqanah brigade a branch of terrorism that operates in Uzbekistan and supports Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorist activities. Also the member of Muslim Brotherhood also had a connection to Iranian MOIS agency. Based off of the speech of Al Qaeda network about cutting off the head of Abraham Lincoln was really an operation of setting up the ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S descendant for treason at a college location at a location in Oklahoma. The location of the college is somewhere in OKLAHOMA. Based on the chatter at Naval Special Warfare sailors having conversations at local restaurants off base. The real cyber commando was a civilian setup by an Iranian MOIS agent/Muslim Brotherhood member/haqqanah operative that mission was to steal the F-22 raptor stealth paint formulas that paint Air Force equipment and airplanes that absorbs radar signals. The chatter goes that the cyber commando missed 5 assasination attempts by foreign special forces usually Iran and rogue KGB agents. The chatter also states that the cyber commando called several governmental and military phone numbers in the USA so the 1st ever cyber commando was a civilian college student who prevented himself being used as a tool for a terrorist operation on a laptop to be executed. The cyber commando is so far alive and hopefully contacted by Naval Special Warfare soon although it is said by the chatter that he's being gunned down right now as we type or speak in the news on a daily basis. This cyber commando could be the first person who can create the first cyber SEAL teams in the USA and equivalent to SEAL TEAM 6. The chatter states before a plausible assassination attempt the cyber commando phoned Naval Special Warfare just in case he got assassinated the Naval Special Warfare would know what really happened and why. That is why this article is published on Wikipedia to insure to all governments and Military all over the world will know the main reason of stuxnet worm while stuxnet worm source code was based on conflicker worm but enhanced. The cyber commando could be dawn as the pre-elite unit to a video game of Splinter Cell known as Sam Fisher. Also chatter online and at Facebook that a college student name Sam Fisher was killed on campus by an Iranian MOIS agent/Iran's special forces. The chatter also states that the Naval Special Warfare is trying to contact this individual but forgot to write down his own cell phone number that there's 2 cell phone number's with the original cell phone number because someone took his cell phone and listening to all his conversations of every cell phone conversations. The public has a legal right to know this information on the individual who wrote this article to prevent Iranian propaganda and absolute facts of the real situations who brought forth navy cyber forces and etc. This article can be rewritten as long as it displays the facts. The sentences up above are real stated facts and not written down at a library. The author of this article is Cyberseals777 author is unknown of the reason why this information should be displayed for the public probably for public awareness and to be more famous throughout the world.

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