Cubit is a Web-based, cloud, business accounting and payroll software as well as a business, accounting and payroll system. Cubit was developed and produced in South Africa and is now developed by developers all over the world. It is free, libre and open source software.


It is significant that the world receives a patent free software base of many millions of lines of source code produced by over 100 000 hours of programmer hours over an eleven year period. This software and system base empowers innovation and allows new entrants to the software development market a foothold over restrictions imposed by patent rich multinational companies.

Cubit Accounting system does not have any registered patents and designs are released under the software license, into the public domain. The Cubit Accounting and Payroll Software reflects the system design and licensed under the is GPL v3 open source software license. This is very significant because it directly enables new entrants, developers, companies and actually anyone, to re-use, re-design and employ the web/cloud technology that was innovated by this system and software not only within the business software sphere but generally and across the board for all web applications. The system presents a patent defense as prior art and public domain considerations as the system has been innovating web application design for over 11 years.


Cubit Accounting Software started off as a BSD Licensed open source project in January 2001 lead by Andre Coetzee but during 2003 adopted a proprietary licensing scheme with a software as a service business model. In February 2012 Cubit became open source and was re-licenced under the GPL v3 license

Cubit Accounting also acts as incubator for some South African Open Source projects. Impi Linux was one of these. Cubit also supports many other Open Source projects directly and indirectly and believes in empowering people.

Cubit is mainly written in PHP, Python, Java, C and C++. It ships with PostgreSQL, Firefox and Apache. Cubit has also been ported to other proprietary databases.

System innovations

Cubit Accounting system involved the real time recording and real time adjustment of totals for the production of real time business health statistics in accounting formulas that calculated inventory turnover, cash flow, ratios of debtors book to inventory as well as 37 other formulas. This results in immediate management information relating to the exact health of any business in real time and as trade happens.

The system is a web based, cloud system that interacts with mobile java based applications as well as independent modules, such as Point of sale, in real time and in batch mode.


Cubit currently has separate versions for the Property, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction and other vertical software markets. The current stable version is 5.0

Thousands of users all over South Africa use the system which is auto updated from a central server. Currently the Cubit company is no longer trading or accepting any new clients and new users have to download the system from Google Code.

Cubit is also branded as Accounting-123 and is hosted by Google Code here: The Cubit web based, cloud based business system, accounting system and accounting and payroll software:

The Accounting system handles data differently by real time adjustment of reports as the system is used, this is an Accounting system innovation that already started in 2001 and was refined, improved and received added functionality over the last 11 years.

The Accounting Software consists of:

  • GAAP
  • GRAP
  • IFRS
  • SARS
  • ISA
  • ASA - Complete Financial Statements
  • Unlimited Cash Books
  • Petty Cash
  • Asset Register and Ledger
  • Advanced Journaling
  • Complete Debtors, Creditors and advanced Stock and Inventory systems

The Cubit system (in 2004) shipped personal computers free of charge, to estate agents and charged these agents for the use of the software. This model has proved slightly immature at the time but will be re-instated in the future.

During May 2008 Cubit released the first free Open source BSD licenses software since 2003, Cubit Point of Sale Cubit POS on Sourceforge Cubit also hopes to re-license many more modules and software under the BSD license in the future. The Cubit Accounting Software and accounting system is currently hosted by Google Code and is receiving hundreds of downloads. The system has thousands of clients all over South Africa, ranging from Estate Agents to Retail businesses.

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