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Crystal Saunders is a singer,songwriter,musician, and artist. She is 13 years old, and lives in North Carolina. She has a band called "Dark Shadows". She is the lead singer, and her best friend, Ashley Ramos, is the drummer. They are still looking for people who can join their band. She was born April,11,1999.


Crystal has thick,curly brownish red hair. She has big brown eyes with long eyelashes. She is currently 5'7.5 tall. She doesn't share her weight, but her body type is curvy. Her skin is a pale color, but also olive toned. She wears mostly Black or grey skinny jeans, black high top converse, and average band t-shirts.


Crystal loves all music, but not rap or opera. She sings heavy metal,rock,pop/rock, and a little country. She loves Halestorm,Evanescence, Shinedown, Seether, In This Moment, Crimson Countess(She's friends with them and Lifemare), Papa Roach, Paramore, Lady Gaga, and many more. She has been practicing lots to try to growl while singing.

                                                Parents and Family

Crystal was born Crystal Dianne Saunders. Her father, John Saunders, used to be in a band. Her mother, Amy Reaves, was in chorus when she was younger. She lives with her mother, and is an only child. She calls her best friend her sister, and her best friend is the Drummer for "Dark Shadows". Crystal's family is very supportive of her, and loves her talents. Crystal has been trying to get her band to start preforming next year.

                                              Born and Languages

Crystal was born in Durham, NC. She speaks English, American sign language, Greek, and some Spanglish. She mostly speaks English, but loves doing accents as well.

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