Crown The King' is the Upcoming debut studio album by American rapper Chaos released on Real Records.


In October 2012, that he had stepped down as , and had given the position to .[1] As of 2012, is serving as President.[2] Rapper signed a joint venture between Real Records and BeastMode. President confirmed that was no longer on the label after many rumours were circulating the internet.


The label had three of the top 10 highest 2010 hip hop album sales with—in order—Swag Team and .[3] On March 6, 2010, confirmed that rapper [ was the latest artist to sign.[4] In 2011 BeastMode artists Swag Team agreed to part ways after there last release .[5] In November 2012, {cite news | first=Steven J. | last=Horowitz | title=Announces Newest BeastMode | date=2011-11-21 |

Track listing

The track listing for the standard, and deluxe edition was revealed on Swag Team's official website on June 7, 2011.[6]

No. TitleProducer Length
1. "Get It Up"  Swag Team</td> 2:36</td>


2.</td> "Let Me Know"  </td>DJ MasterMind</td> 3:24</td>


3.</td> "Swag City" (Bkay)</td>Icon</td> 3:14</td>


4.</td> Untitled  </td>V.i.p</td> 2:23</td>


5.</td> "Me And You"  </td>DJ MasterMind</td> 3:11</td>


6.</td> "Like Dat"  </td>Swag Team</td> 3:56</td>


7.</td> "Maybe So"  </td>Icon</td> 3:21</td>


8.</td> "Ohhhh Ohhhh"  </td>V.i.p</td> 3:54</td>


9.</td> "I Got It Made"  </td>Icon</td> 3:11</td>


10.</td> "Show Me a Good Time"  </td>DJ MasterMind</td> 3:59</td>


11.</td> "No Ones Perfect"  </td>Swag Team</td> 5:08</td>


12.</td> "L4JC"  </td>V.i.p</td> 7:15</td>



Chart positions

Chart positions (Album)

Chart Position
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums # 12
Billboard 200 # 53

Release history

Region Date Distributing Label Format
United States June 22, 2010 Swag CD
United Kingdom July 19, 2010 Kingsway Music


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