During the Second World War the SS made medical experiments on humans. There is known a case in Hamburg. III. (SS) Armoured Division experimented, with children from the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, Neuengamme (Erzählt es euren Kindern - Der Holocaust in Europa von Paul A. Levine, Stephane Bruchfeld, ISBN-10: 3-570-30245-8). For example, a twelfe year old boy was removed the main lymph nodes in the armpits and groins. One observed how the body reacted to this mutilation. At the same time were tried various medications to offset the damage to the endocrine system. In this way, in-depth knowledge has been gained about the function of the endocrine and paracrine system. As at the end of April 1945, the british liberators were approaching closer and closer to Hamburg, the in the experiments involved children were all shot.

At the same time, as his comrades in Hamburg took the inhuman experiments, Dr. Franz Riedweg was on the Eastern Front as a hospital doctor of the III. (SS) Panzer Corps( ? p = 86 043 & sid = 7b7f496bc11aaab3e3a7066459ca42eb, A few years ago on the Internet a Swiss SS site was recorded, indicating the unit, in which served Obersturmbannführer Riedweg, more detailed with III. (SS) Panzer Division.

After war and two years of captivity, Riedweg published the results obtained in the Hamburg experiments (Hormonmangel - Theorie und Praxis der pflanzlichen Stimulation des Hormonsystems von F. Riedweg, Sonntag Verlag Stuttgart, ISBN 3-87758-234-6).

Used, the following plant extracts:

Ruta graveolens


Achilea millefolium

Viscum populi


Ledum palustre

Hedera helix

Juglans regia


Populus tremula

Bellis perennis

Dioscorea villosa


Juniperus sabina

Viscum album

Silybum marianum

Vitex agnus-castus,

to be processed into a total of ten mixtures:

Mixture 1: Ruta graveolens D4 80 g, Hamamelis D4 10 g, Achillea millefolium D4 10g

Mixture 2: Viscum populi D8

Mixture 3: Symphytum D4

Mixture 4: Ledum palustre D4 80 g, Hedera helix D4, D4 10 g, Hamamelis D4 10g

Mixture 5: Juglans regia D4 80 g, Hamamelis D4 10 g, Chelidonium D4 10 g

Mixture 6: Populus tremula D4 80 g, Chelidonium D4, D4 10 g, Bellis perennis D4 10 g

Mixture 7: Populus tremula D4 80 g, Hamamelis D4 10 g, Bellis perennis D4 10g

Mixture 8: Bellis D5 10 g, Chelidonium D5 10 g, Dioscorea villosa D5 10g

Mixture 9: Basilicum D5 10 g, Juniperus sabina D5 10g, Viscum album D5 10 g

Mixture 10: Chelidonium D5 10 g, Silybum marianum D5 10g, Vitex agnus-castus D5 10 g.

Digression: Preparation of a power D1, D2, D3, etc.

Take 1 part D (x) and 9 parts of carrier, usually 50-60 vol% alcohol. Mixing. Shake ten times. One gets D (x +1). For example, 10 g Juglans regia D0 (tincture, newly sometimes adressed as D1, currently for about 6 euros) and the appropriate amount of carrier substance produce, for example, 1,000,000 g drug D5 ( / wiki / Potenzieren_ (Homöopathie)). Of course, immediately raises the question: How can a drug have effect, that due to the high dilution contains no chemical ingredient anymore? Obersturmbannführer Riedweg fantasizes about a "third force" in the universe besides mass and energy, the "shaping force". This, read in the German original, typical Nazi-occult thought is not necessary to explain the mode of action of homeopathic potencies. A trip to the theoretical physics is sufficient: Water has the ability to form, by hydrogen-bonding, clusters. Within these clusters, as in a crystal, arise standing waves (phonons, acoustic wave packets, analogous to the better known photons, packets of electromagnetic radiation). It is assumed that the plant molecules, dissolved in the tincture, in the clusters excites phonons. The clusters fall into oscillation. This oscillation is maintained in the potentiation. Now we compare the size of the clusters and find that it resembles the size of receptors on the biological cells surface. An energy transfer (resonance) is possible. No need to think about metaphysical powers as there are daemons, spirits an several further bs(4LW).

The mixtures are associated with different clinical pictures:

Mixture 1: Arteriosclerosis, disc disease, dilatation cordis, heart attacks, migraine

Mixture 2: parathyroid gland-associated diseases

Mixture 3: Parkinson's disease

Mixture 4: Graves' disease

Mixture 5: AIDS

Mixture 6: alopecia in women, menopause, varicose-hemorrhoids in women

Mixture 7: Varicosis-hemorrhoids in men (until this mixtures produced by Marien-Pharma, Dr. Herbert Reuther, Marktplatz 10, 83209 Prien, tel.: +49/8051/9030)

Mixture 8: allergosis, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, dermatitis (skin disease), juvenile developmental disorder, cataracts, heart attacks, infections in childhood, polyarthritis rheumatica, arthritis, polyneuritis, prostatic hypertrophy, myoma, psoriasis, Sinupathie, nodular goitre, tonsillar hypertrophy , cysts

Mixture 9: Alzheimer's disease, asthma, ulcerative colitis, glaucoma, heart attacks, cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, schizophrenia, scleroderma, duodenal ulcer

Mixture 10: (none, the trademark ist Phyto-Hypophyson L (R), Steierl Pharma GmbH, Postfach 1268, 82211 Herrsching, tel.: +49/8162/93220, never trust a dealer! One cannot proof the sonic content of a bottle of alcohol! Mix it yourself, it's so easy).

This nosology, given by Riedweg to the public, is not complete, as he writes by himself. For example, can be added that Juglans regia D0, included in the mix 5, an effective agent in the treatment of infected wounds under poor hygienic conditions, is, as a treatment of the nose of our Labrador dog Leo shows. One could not treat it with antibiotics locally, because Leo immediatly licked off the agent. It was not an experiment, it was his last chance, the wound grew and grew! And MRSA, for sure, resitance of any microorganism against the stimulated aquired immunsystem is not to be expected.

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