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Criex is an Australian event that not many know about. 15 people are chosen [same people everytime]. And they fight eachother [with fake weapons] until one catches somebody. They get to use 3 torture methods on that person and then that person is now basically out of that day. It is every Monday at 4:15 PM in Australia. Criex's chosen people commence of

  • Josh Swiser [me!] [won 38 times]
  • Zach Lucianio [won 23 times]
  • Mike Laelpechi [won 15 times]
  • Radolph Jacobson [won 10 times]
  • Matt Thomas [won 5 times]
  • Don Taylor [won 5 times]
  • Joseph McNamara [won 3 times]
  • Thomas Piland [won 3 times]
  • Sam Burciaga [won 2 times]
  • Carl Hobbs [won 1 time]
  • Scott Worrell [won 0 times]
  • Jake Adamson [won 0 times]
  • William Ellis [won 0 times]
  • Isaac Barnett [won 0 times]
  • Craig Padilla [won 0 times]
  • Salvador Schmidt [won 0 times] [left

Criex's quote: "Death may not hurt, but torture feels the pain."

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